Robert Griffin for Heisman

September 13, 2008

Word out of Washington, D.C., today is the Declaration of Independence has gone missing from the National Archives. There are no suspects, but on an unrelated note, President Bush was spotted in Waco, TX, with a rolled up parchment and a sharpie waiting to get Robert Griffin’s autograph.

In fact, rumor has it that McCain and Obama have agreed to put the election on hold pending Griffin’s decision to graduate three years early and take over the leadership of the free world. One Pac 10 school on the west coast has even submitted an early proposal to get his presidential library.

Further evidence of the buzz around this Baylor football phenom was witnessed on my flight back from New York earlier today. Bruce Wayne was on the flight because he was on his way to Ecuador for an extended surfing vacation. As it turns out, Robert Griffin will handle most of the crime fighting in Gotham from here on. Commissioner Gordon was quoted as saying, “…he’s just got more of the intangibles I look for in a superhero.”

Even Paul McCartney, when interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine admitted that after watching Griffin’s first two collegiate starts, selling over a billion records seemed rather nugatory. “I guess some people were just destined to do great things and others weren’t. I just wish I could have met Robert Griffin before we signed with Brian Epstein…”

One final note worth mentioning, is the emergency meeting held earlier this morning at the Downtown Athletic Club of New York City. It seems all regional representatives voted unanimously that ‘Robert Griffin for Heisman’ was really more of a disservice to Griffin; so they introduced a new campaign called ‘Heisman for Robert Griffin’. They hope with enough support, he’ll accept.

Robert Griffin III


Ziegler added to 49ers practice squad (again)

September 5, 2008

Former Baylor great Dominique Ziegler didn’t quite make the 53-man 49ers roster, but he was once again invited to join the practice squad (he spent last year on the 49ers practice squad as well).  From what I’ve read, Ziegler has added 10-15 lbs of muscle (since last year) and continues to make quite an impression.

I figured if the 49ers dumped Ashley Lelie, Ziegler might actually make the team.  Well, the 49ers did cut Lelie, but they only kept five active receivers… and Ziegler was #6 on the depth chart. Oh well, perhaps Dominique will get called up at some point this season.  In the meantime, he’ll continue to get better… and make some good practice squad $$ in the process.

Here’s a picture of Ziggy in action… enjoy.